A creative institute such as requires a creative way to build its own catalog and brochure, as always, our team was ready with many ideas support and we did it.

When we discuss the concept of learning, the first thing comes to our mind is face-to-face learning; But sometimes it isn’t possible due to some factors, just like the days we live in now. And because modern issues require modern solutions, the suitable alternative way in this matter is online learning.

Recently, most countries are trying to take online learning more seriously as an alternative way of learning due to the current circumstances, which gives people new choices and more flexibility with their personal learning and development. Whereas in the past, formal academic qualifications used to only be gained by participating in a full-time course on site, thus, the internet has given people the opportunity to learn more and enhance their reach of actual knowledge

Almentor, an online platform that provides educational services to people in many fields. What they do basically is studying the market demands, seek the most requested disciplines and then simply look for a well-qualified staff and hire them to produce fine courses in the sake of those demands. Like what specifically? Like digital marketing, Advanced sales strategies, social media ads, business data analysis… and much more.

They are one of our clients who pushed their trust deep in our efforts in order to build up their catalog and brochure, and as always, our team was ready with many ideas which our role is to narrow these ideas down until we end up making the suitable content and design that fully pleases the client’s needs.

Why us? Because we have passion towards art, we love taking care of tiny details that only few people observe. We create beauty from small simple things, and perfectly choose the colors of our designs all for its purpose. Our role is to make things look good and fancy.

Passion leads to success

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