EduGate academy is one of big names in Jordan and we are proud to have them in our partners, we worked together on the branding to show their identity by mixing between book, torch and the globe along with the colors that describe Energy, Youth, Wealth and Friendship.

In Jordan and in any place in the world, when it is about education then it must be done right. Some details can’t be ignored, especially in this modern time. So, in EduGate they take the educational process to a whole new level by giving attention to what our students actually need, and by giving them what they expect from such an organization. They create a confidence between the student and his teacher through motivating the student to love what is he studying, and to face his issues which their role is to help him getting over them and walk him through success.

What is our role in all of this?

In EduGate educational services are provided to all students who are in middle or high school. This particular phase of in everyone’s life is critical and almost the rest of their life depends on it. They need more caring about details they see around them everyday in school and when they study at home.

So, we and EduGate collaborated together to take care of such details and created a simple creative logo for them which shows on everything related to EduGate; books, website, and inside the decorated design of their place. The mix of colors we bring with our design is not less important than any other factors that affect the educational process of students. Why? Because students spend a lot of time in the walls of school thus it has to be designed by professionals in order to satisfy students’ eyes and help them stay focused all that time.

In a nutshell, we aim forward to make important places look just as good as it is supposed to be in the sake of serving its goals. So, want to buildup an establishment with a customized design, just throw the hesitating away and contact us right away.

Passion leads to success

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